Welcome to the Waltham Forest Bonsai Club

The club was founded in 1981 by Valerie Butcher & Edna Crutchlow.

Club meetings are held throughout the year and provide lectures, workshops and demonstrations on the art of Bonsai. These range from the very basics to more advanced techniques and therefore cater for all levels of experience. We are a very friendly and informal club and new members are always welcome. Members usually bring in trees for discussion and display at the club meetings, and by informal discussions with other more experienced growers much can be learnt that is not covered in books or on the Internet. Various competitions and shows are held during the year.

"A Bonsai, I had one once but it died"

Talk to anyone about Bonsai then this is the most common phrase you will hear.

Probably the most likely reason people lose their first Bonsai is because they purchase an indoor Bonsai from a local garden centre. These are usually tropical or sub-tropical varieties such as Sageretia, Pomegranate, Serissa or Chinese Elm. It is very difficult in a centrally heated house to provide and maintain the correct environment, and particularly the right levels of humidity that these trees require. Consequently most of these trees will eventually die.

Also Bonsai, like any other plants, can die for a variety of reasons: over watering, under watering, not enough light, etc., so if you have lost a tree and would like to know why it died, come along to one of our club meetings and talk to some of our members. We may be able to shed some light on problems you have had keeping a Bonsai. Better still, come and find out how to look after it so that it doesn't die.

All our meetings for this year have been cancelled due to the Covid situation. We don’t know when we will be able to resume next year.

It is entirely dependant on whatever government Covid restrictions are in place and the availability of the St Gabriel’s Hall.

Before the end of this year we will put up a provisional programme on the web site for 2021, but obviously this could change / be cancelled at very short notice. Please check the web site on the week before each meeting to see if it is still taking place.

If you have already given us your email address then we will email you a few days before each meeting to confirm whether or not the meeting is still happening. If you would like to be added to our email distribution list then please contact us through the form on the “Contact Us” page.

Beginners Workshops

Are you new to Bonsai? Do you need help with repotting and pruning, or just general advice on how to care for your tree? Then come along to one of our workshops. There are several throughout the year.

See Club Meetings for dates and times. You don't have to join the club. If you are a non member it will only cost £4 per workshop and you will receive a lot of expert help and advice.

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