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Why join a club?

The development of a Bonsai tree requires a combination of artistic skills and horticultural knowledge. It requires the ability to conceive, design and maintain a tree. Whilst books and the internet can provide a good source of information they cannot replace the knowledge and experience gained by working on an actual bonsai with the help and guidance of others with more experience.

We are a very friendly and informal club and new members are always welcome and it doesn't matter if you are an expert, beginner or a complete novice come along and see what we do. You don’t have to join at your first visit.

What happens at the meetings?

The emphasis at a lot of our meetings is on practical bonsai techniques (re-potting, pruning, wiring, styling etc.), and as such we are able to help new members to learn the basic techniques and to look after and develop their trees. We try to have a guest speaker or two during the year to talk on a specific topic or demonstrate more advanced techniques.

If you don’t think you are able to attend all the meetings but need help with repotting and pruning, or general advice on how to care for your tree; then just come to one or more of our workshops throughout the year. You can just pay the visitors fee for the meeting. At our workshops you can learn:

  • How to prune / wire your tree.

  • What to feed your tree and keep it healthy.

  • How often it should be watered.

  • How to protect your tree from pests and diseases.

What does it cost to join?

Individual Membership is £30 per year in advance, payable in February. For those that join during the year there is a sliding scale of membership fee. Visitors will be asked to pay £5 each meeting. Sorry we cannot accept Credit or Debit cards. Cash only.

For those meetings with a guest speaker there is an additional charge of £5 for members and non-members. Non-members will also have to pay the usual £5 visitors fee.

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